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about cornerstone financial group


We provide peace of mind and improve the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors; by helping build and protect your wealth with guidance, education, creative ideas, and strategic solutions.


Fiduciary Standard; Education First; Honesty; Integrity; Empathy.


Plan, protect, and guide your family as we do for our own.


The financial freedom to live happy, retire happy.

our five-step process

When onboarding new clients, we use a five-step process to ensure your financial future is well protected.
  • Personal Consultation

    During this informal and no-pressure meeting, we introduce ourselves, outline our planning process, gain a general understanding of your financial situation, and discuss your personal objectives.

  • Discovery

    Prior to creating your financial plan, we have an in-depth conversation to gain a better understanding of your financial situation. We gather information on your income, expenses, assets, investments, and more. We also discuss your life goals, covering topics such as financial independence, legacy planning, charitable giving, and education.

  • Planning

    During the third step of our process, we develop a financial plan that takes into account your current financial situation, life goals, risk tolerance, and more. The planning process culminates with a comprehensive walkthrough of your completed financial plan, including recommendations and suggested actions steps.

  • Execution

    After gaining approval of the recommendations and actions steps in your financial plan, we set to work executing your financial strategy. This can include managing your investments, setting up accounts for retirement and educational savings, working with an attorney to develop a will or trust, and much more.

  • Ongoing Evaluation

    As we build your financial future, we continue analyzing your financial investments, reviewing your progress towards financial goals, answering your questions on financial planning topics, and making revisions to your plan in response to important life changes.

our team

Our team of financial advisors is dedicated to #buildingfutures and providing our clients with customized strategies to achieve financial stability and success. Please continue reading to learn more about each member of our team.

Troy Leonard

Troy M. Leonard

Chief Executive
Phone: (920) 253-2421
Troy joined the Cornerstone Financial Group in June of 2011, leaving behind a successful career working for Bergstrom Automotive, where...
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Guy McCauley

Executive VP
Phone: (920) 253-2424
Guy has been in the financial industry since 2013, and he has 25 years experience in business management. He joined...
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Bolan Montgomery

Bolan Montgomery

Investment Advisor
Phone: (920) 253-2426
Bolan focuses on providing financial strategies to individuals and families who are going through transitional phases in life, such as...
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Arnold Eichhof

Investment Advisor
Phone: 813-565-2072
Arnold joined Cornerstone Financial Group in December 2021. Born and raised in Chicago by immigrant parents, Arnold learned early in...
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Charity Leonard

Charity Leonard

Chief Executive Assistant
Phone: (920) 253-2425
Charity started working for her husband, Troy Leonard, in 2015, splitting her time between the office and their home. In...
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Mary McCauley

Mary McCauley

Executive Assistant
Phone: (920) 253-2420
Mary started working for her husband, Guy McCauley, in 2015. She assists Guy in setting up client meetings, processing paperwork,...
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Chelsy Heilmeier

Chelsy Heilmeier

Executive Assistant
Phone: (920) 253-2423
Chelsy has been with Cornerstone Financial Group for a year, working part-time so that she can be home with her...
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Tim Hatlestad

Tim Hatlestad

Front Desk Associate
Phone: (920) 241-6073
Tim joined Cornerstone Financial Group in March 2021, after completing a 42-year career as an orthopedic physical therapist. He handles...
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